the conversation

Good conversations often start around good books. For this conversation, the book being discussed is Richard Beck's Unclean: Meditations on Purity, Hospitality, and Mortality. 

This blog will be an open forum of dialogue about the book and the implications and issues raised within it, as well as the praxis that arises from it.

The contributors are all Christians. All of us take seriously the commitment to communities of faith that seek to embody in real life our theological convictions. Some of us work professionally for churches, but all of us are ministers.

The goal of this dialogue is deeper faith and missional praxis. This dialogue will result in the production of a series of challenging and engaging teachings that will be designed to be used within the pastoral context within communities of faith.

Ultimately, this project will culminate in a conversation with the author at the Streaming Conference 2012 held at Rochester College, June 18-20 in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Welcome to the conversation.

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